Jeff & Ginger Mikl, May 2018

We knew that there had to be a better product, and learning that CBD providers were reaping huge profits we decided that we would do all that we could to change the CBD market.

In 2016 Ginger, my wife, was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic ovarian cancer. Her survival rate was only 5%-7%. Soon after her diagnosis we started her on a daily dose of 400mg of cannabidiol (CBD). Ginger was fully cleared by her oncologist in 7 months. Today she alive and thriving. Her oncologist said that Ginger’s was the most remarkable recovery that she had seen in 30 years.

We decided to create DioLieve™ CBD Products because we were firm believers in the healing power of this amazing substance. However, it was more than just our experience with Ginger’s recovery that drove us. It was a list of common problems we encountered in the market. We learned early on that this industry was unregulated and had no standards. Few companies provided lab testing. No companies carried product liability insurance. Most companies used crude extraction methods to create the CBD oil, leaving toxic solvents and chemicals in the final product. The most common source of CBD was low quality imported indutrial hemp originally grown for building materials. 

Test results of our first CBD purchases for Ginger showed toxic solvents, pesticides and high heavy metal content (lead and mercury). We learned that most CBD products were made using crude methods of extraction and after reviewing over 150 different lab reports, we knew that we would never recommend any CBD products produced in the manner. We learned that the average CBD content in a volume of oil sold by a provider can be as low as 1 mg active CBD per dose, and in some recent random test cases 50% of all CBD products contained no CBD at all. Our final piece of our early education was pricing. The average cost for us to provide Ginger with substandard quality, low content CBD was $1920 per month for a daily administration of 400mg. We have seen this dose priced as high as $6000 per month. 

We are very proud of the CBD oil that we now provide our clients. Our CBD is of the highest quality, highest content, and lowest cost in the USA. The plants used to make the CBD oil are all grown using organic farming practices in the USA under a program administered by the Department of Agriculture. Everything is fully regulated and fully legal.  The oil is extracted from the cannabis plants using the best extraction method available, a proprietary chromotography, supercritical CO2 extraction. This results in the cleanest and purest oil possible. All of our CBD oil is fully lab tested and the results are “none detected” for pesticides, solvents, and heavy metals.

It took 7 years to develop the strain of cannabis plant that our oils are processed from. This plant strain results in the highest content CBD that we have ever seen. The average industry content for CBD is 20-25%. Ours varies from batch to batch between 82% and 92%, and our CBD Boost™ powder crystals are as high as 99.9% pure CBD. Regardless of the content amount, our clients only pay for the active CBD. This means, if you are purchasing a 50mg capsule, you are actually receiving much more in total volume. Each capsule will contain 50mg of active CBD plus additional, beneficial trace cannabinoids and terpenes that come naturally in the cannabis. The balance of the total volume is natural plant fats and wax, and a small amount of organic MCT (medium chain triglyceride) coconut oil, which is the very best oil to help your body absorb the CBD. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the most familiar cannabinoid in cannabis, which causes the popular psychoactive effect. Our oil contains no THC.

We are not aware of any other company in the world that provides a similar level of quality for the same low price as DioLieve CBD. Our research has found that the average cost of CBD in the industry is approximately $0.15 per active milligram. When we began purchasing CBD for Ginger’s cancer treatment, we were paying $0.16 per milligram. We have found CBD for sale at prices as high as $0.80 per active milligram! Some edible products (which we do not believe should be purchased) can end up costing as much as $2.00 per milligram. 

We decided, when we created DioLieve™ CBD Products, that we would refuse to participate in the unethical and greedy pricing practices of other providers in this market. There are too many good people that cannot afford the higher, average market prices that we were forced to pay when Ginger was first diagnosed. When we realized what the profit margin was, we decided to set our prices well below the market average while still providing a top quality product. We do make a profit, but it is a fair profit. The result is that DioLieve’s average price is $0.06 per milligram of CBD. Our products do more than just compete in the market, they set the standard for the highest quality and highest content. The bonus to our clients is that they can save over 70% in costs compared to average quality products.

We also provide the highest dosing in the industry. Many of our clients are dealing with serious medical conditions such as cancers. We have seen many exciting and encouraging results from the dose levels that we provide. Ginger’s results are just one of many similar results from CBD use.

As I explained, our initial cost to provide Ginger with a daily dose of 400mg of CBD, which we purchased through a reputable medical marijuana dispensary, was $1920.00. This same dose of DioLieve™ CBD is now $640. My opinion is that no other CBD providers offer higher doses because they would not find a single client. In order for CBD providers to keep their high profit margins they must create lower dose products. This is why there are now so many new “novelty” products such as CBD Gummie Bears, CBD lollipops, CBD popcorn, CBD water, CBD food bars, low dose tinctures, and more.

We are here to serve people (and their pets) that are serious about their medical condition. We create and provide only CBD products that can be the most effective. Please contact us for if you have further questions or to discuss application methods and dosing. We are happy to share all that we have learned and witnessed thus far.

Jeff & Ginger Mikl