Why does DioLieve CBD outsell every other CBD brand in retail stores?

Why do customers say DioLieve works much better than other brands they have tried?


 1. Quality Starts with the Plant

Most CBD oil comes from poor quality seeds and stalks of imported industrial hemp. Our CBD comes from full bloom cannabis plants, grown in the USA using 100% organic farming practices, yielding 4x higher concentration of high quality CBD. Our grower operation is fully regulated by the Department of Agriculture. There are no other high quality plants like those that produce our CBD! 

2. Quality of DioLieve’s CBD Oil 

Every batch of CBD oil must pass laboratory testing for purity. DioLieve CBD Oil is a full spectrum oil and includes other beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes, creating the “entourage effect”. All ingredients are natural and organic.

3. Superior Extraction and Processing

Repeated lab testing verifies that DioLieve’s CBD Oil is the highest quality obtainable using a proprietary, superior and pure method of extracting the CBD oil from the plants. Lab results show none of the toxic chemicals that are used in 85% of the most popular and common CBD extraction methods. 


4. Highest Quality and Still the Lowest Cost

A personal cancer diagnosis (7% chance of survival) and the need for higher CBD dosing (which led to “no detectible cancer” in 7 month), exposed us to the high average costs of CBD products. It became our mission to provide the highest quality CBD at the lowest prices in the market. We have accomplished this and have reduced the cost by over 70%.



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What Our Customers are Saying

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After being diagnosed with Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer I knew I had to fight for my life.  Fortunately, I was introduced to CBD Oil. DioLieve CBD Products were highly recommended and the 100mg capsules have been miraculous in my healing process.  I reached out to Jeff who was kind enough to recommend a great regime that got me on my way to healing.  After 3 months of taking CBD oil capsules daily, my doctors declared that I had a 35% reduction in tumor activity and tumor size in all 20 different sites in my body.  Thereafter, I have had a reduction in my tumor marker tests every month that I have been tested.  I am definitely on my way to complete healing.  I am ecstatic and so grateful to Jeff and Ginger for guiding me through this challenging journey with the DioLieve CBD Capsules and all their support and recommendations.  The CBD oil capsules have also helped me tremendously in managing my anxiety and stress levels.  I highly recommend DioLieve CBD Products, it really is “Pure, Natural and Healing”.  I will definitely continue with my regimen until I am declared NED (No Evidence of Disease).  Many thanks Jeff and Ginger.
Los Angeles, CA.

Cancer Fighter

I highly recommend Diolieve and its many CBD oil choices. My youngest daughter has had epilepsy since age 7. She is now 18 years old. In the beginning she was having 32 “absence seizures” (petit mals) daily. I was very reluctant to give her traditional medicine but there was no other choice for me in 2001. Three years ago I started her on CBD oil through another company. I gave it to her for about a year and half after her epilepsy developed grand mal seziures. Also, that product was very expensive for me. Things only slightly improved but every time I tried to decrease her Depakote (tradition medication given by neurologist), her symptoms would return. I found out about Dioleve over a year ago. Jeff Mikl, the Vice President of the company, was so kind and tested the current CBD oil I was using. The test results of the CBD I was using showed a significantly lower amount of CBD then advertised and also was made using solvents which remained in the oil.

I switched to using the CBD oil from Dioleve last year. I have been able to reduce her Depakote milligrams by 75% and she has had no seizures at all in over 10 months. She is finally able to get her driver’s license which is something I was afraid we would never see. The years of Depakote use have caused stomach ulcers. Her stomach issues have improved and she is graduating from high school this year. I can’t tell you how life changing this has been for her as well as for me and her older sister. We feel so fortunate to have found a company we can rely on for quality CBD oil that delivers what it says the product really is. They have been a world of help on phone consultations as I was dropping her medication doses. Jeff would gradually increase her CBD oil milligrams to compensate. His wealth of knowledge has been priceless to me. It has made all the difference in her condition. Being able to trust the CBD oil in such a fragile situation is critical. We are hoping someday soon to have her off the Depakote completely and managed only with CBD oil. We are almost there. This is nothing short of a dream come true you have no idea. So, if you are looking for a reliable, affordable product you have come to the right place.



Optometry Research Coordinator, University of Utah

“I am Using CBD oil for relief from severe knee pain, which kept me up at nights. Doctors refused to give me pain meds, and advised me that I may need surgery. After using your products I have very little pain for the first time in many years. My girlfriend just had a total knee replacement, and gets better pain relief using this than she does from her pain meds. Great product I highly recommend it.”
Nancy Lane

Jeff from DioLieve replied to my email about the 500mg DioLieve Tincture Product –

“We have three big groups of buyers of this product.
1- People that use it under the tongue (sublingual dosing) for issues such as anxiety, migraines, insomnia, ADD, autism, etc.
2- People that use it topically for arthritis, back pain, neck pain, etc.
3- People that give it to their pets. Tinctures are best for low doses for dogs and cats”.

A few days later I wrote –

“Its been 2 nights and my child with Autism was able to rest peacefully. I am so excited about the possibility that this will work for her. From the last two nights I can see the extra nerons that fire off at bedtime seem to have quieted down. I am still going to experiment as to not jump the gun. That said, we are excited for the potential of chemical free true symptom relief. Thank you.”

About a week later I wrote –

“It’s been amazing. It was almost an instant change. My daughter is well spoken for her age and I wanted to keep a dialog with her about how she felt after taking Diolieve. After a very upsetting event she articulated to me in her own 4 year old way how it works for her. She said “Mom, my brain is angry. May I have some of that medicine?” So it has eased her anxiety. Her stress is lowered and emotions are better regulated. She is holding longer conversations and seems able to focus more without her “angry” brain. It also helps a great deal at night time. At night she used to get amped up and she would randomly kick or swing an arm and hit me. It was 100% unintentional.  It was just an awful situation because she never meant to hurt me and she was very upset hurting me. That is totally resolved. She sleeps well. Her nightmares have disappeared and she is not crying or talking in her sleep.

I heard about your product once before but it took a group of other mothers, all of them with children on the spectrum, for me to take the leap and try something new. So by word of mouth your products success is being passed around. I have asked a few stores around me to carry it. I think you have a product for the people and I am thankful it has given my daughter release from tortured neorons. I have so much hope for her future.  Thank you.”

“I would like to express my satisfaction with the quality of your products which I have not found anywhere else. I’ve been observing amazing results. I play roller derby and had broken my ankle and I also dislocated my finger and using your CBD oil Tincture I had very little swelling and pain, also recovery was super quick. Thank you, I am recommending your products to some friends.”
Jennifer Ruth

January 9, 2018

Dear Jeff & Ginger,


Thank you a thousand times over for making it financially possible for me to use your CBD capsules. Recently, when the post office cause my order to be delayed and I spent an entire week without the CBD, it badly knocked me on my butt and made me and my husband both realize how much the capsules are helping me.

Also thank you for adding an additional 100mg daily capsules for such a great price to my order so that Mike can begin taking CBD.

I pray our Lord will bless you for your generosity.

Marti & Mike



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