Why does DioLieve CBD outsell every other CBD brand in retail stores?

Why do customers say DioLieve works much better than other brands they have tried?


 1. Quality Starts with the Plant

Most CBD oil comes from poor quality seeds and stalks of imported industrial hemp. Our CBD comes from full bloom cannabis plants, grown in the USA using 100% organic farming practices, yielding 4x higher concentration of high quality CBD. Our grower operation is fully regulated by the Department of Agriculture. There are no other high quality plants like those that produce our CBD! 

2. Quality of DioLieve’s CBD Oil 

Every batch of CBD oil must pass laboratory testing for purity. DioLieve CBD Oil is a full spectrum oil and includes other beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes, creating the “entourage effect”. All ingredients are natural and organic.

3. Superior Extraction and Processing

Repeated lab testing verifies that DioLieve’s CBD Oil is the highest quality obtainable using a proprietary, superior and pure method of extracting the CBD oil from the plants. Lab results show none of the toxic chemicals that are used in 85% of the most popular and common CBD extraction methods. 


4. Highest Quality and Still the Lowest Cost

A personal cancer diagnosis (7% chance of survival) and the need for higher CBD dosing (which led to “no detectible cancer” in 7 month), exposed us to the high average costs of CBD products. It became our mission to provide the highest quality CBD at the lowest prices in the market. We have accomplished this and have reduced the cost by over 70%.



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